Millennial Activism: Using Apps Like Zynn For Positive Change


Social media platforms are wonderful tools for showing off talents, sharing jokes, and interacting with like-minded community members. Filled with funny cat videos and makeup tutorials, short-video apps undoubtedly provide escapism and entertainment. For some, social media platforms offer a reprieve, and a relaxing escape after a long day. However, apps like Zynn can also leverage systemic change, champion inclusivity, and spark innovation. They are innovative tools for sharing educational and eye-opening content, and propelling important social commentary. For Millennial activists and status quo disruptors, social apps provide a modern tool for evolution, and positive change.

Championing Inclusivity And Community

In a world of billions of people, individuals can sometimes feel isolated, lonely, and otherwise excluded. Based on their preferences, hobbies, and even geographical location, individuals sometimes struggle to find “their community”. Social media platforms can foster the sense of belonging to a community, as they inherently match like-minded individuals together, and champion interaction. In addition to bringing together fans of similar hobbies and preferences, apps can foster the sense of inclusivity from a creator standpoint.

Short-video sharing platform Zynn utilizes an intuitive algorithm to suggest diverse content, celebrating a broad range of creators. Unlike other apps, Zynn’s algorithm does not favor “Influencers”, and lends an equal opportunity for all creator videos to be seen, regardless of follower count, profile characteristics, or other facets. For content creators, this focus on inclusivity encourages individuals to upload diverse videos.

Highlighting And Uplifting Cultures

Long before technology has allowed global interaction and communication in real-time, diverse cultures were highlighted on a very limited basis, often only through costly physical travel. Sometimes seen on television, some cultures were often depicted as stereotypes, while others were completely marginalized or unexplored. As fledgling social media outlets began to capture everyday life across physical and cultural barriers, representation of different cultures began to appear.

In the early days of YouTube, before slick editing and professional measures were taken to create content, users uploaded both mundane and monumental parts of their lives. Though the initial YouTube algorithm suggested videos without much rhyme or reason, it exposed people all over the world to the lives of others in virtually every corner of the planet. YouTube users often captured, uploaded, and shared footage of natural disasters, unique culturally based traditions, and bespoke ways of life. This footage was otherwise rare, if not impossible, to find prior to the on-demand global news cycle.

Now, as various cultures continue to seek accurate global representation, and a change to showcase their bespoke traditions, social media apps provide a positive outlet for this cause. Easy to navigate social platforms allow even the most novice users the opportunity to proudly highlight heritage and culture. From sharing traditional recipes, to showcasing ancestral dances, all cultures can be respectfully uplifted through social media.

Evolving Advocacy Through Media

Many people cite Millennials as being crusaders for change, and welcome the use of modern technology to spread conservationism and advocacy efforts. Thoughtful videos can spread awareness about the environmental effects of climate change, or showcase the beauty of an endangered species. These types of videos can champion advocacy, raise awareness, and provide educational resources to spur action. Advocacy and awareness groups are taking notice of the power of using social media for positive change. They are devoting resources to pivoting advocacy techniques to leverage social consumption, and creating meaningful short-form videos to support various causes.

The Uproar is an innovative global mobile video platform that fosters the community spirit of social media to provide educational and actionable animal advocacy tools. By creating visionary videos of majestic animals in their habitats, Uproar shows visually confirms the importance of advocating for the wellbeing of these animals for viewers. This takes the passive action of viewing a video, and successfully applies a call to action.

Popular apps like Zynn, TikTok, and YouTube are perfect platforms for this type of visual advocacy. They showcase these videos in beautiful HD quality, allowing for the intended magnitude and scope of the content to be portrayed accurately. Additionally, these platforms make it easy to swiftly share videos with large groups of people. Using the inherent “social” component of social media to their advantage, savvy activists are not only hitting the pavement, they’re also uploading videos.

Challenging For Change

Zynn’s “#zynnchallenge” has leveraged talented creators to showcase their unique skills, often inspiring others to join the action. The cross-platform Ice Bucket Challenge saw countless individuals raise awareness for ALS. Planking and the Mannequin Challenge even had moments of shared community spirit. Though some of these popular incentives have been purely silly, others have focused on deeper causes. All of these challenges, however, inspired positive conversation, and widespread efforts to partake in the socially-based activities. Inciting a spirit of camaraderie, often for a good cause, various social challenges have served as a tool for spearheading change.

The Big Take-Away

The concept of advocacy has existed long before the notion of the world wide web was even conceivable. Similarly, the fight for positive change has been a social consideration long before social media. These ideas were implemented in the most effective ways based on their time frame, and evolved to meet the needs of changing audiences. Peaceful sit-ins, colorful flyers, and charitable concerts may have become slightly redundant in today’s tech-based world, but the spirit of those endeavors remains.

As young people come of age in a uniquely globalized and connected world, they are leaning in to their connection to technology to spark positive change. They are leveraging the power of short-form video platforms like Zynn to upload meaningful messaging. They are championing the community spirit by interacting with like-minded individuals across the globe. Inspired to showcase their authentic lives, they are trading the facade of perfection for inclusivity and diversity. Most importantly, young people are using these tech-based tools to show the world that they care about creating positive change. Invested in sharing their voices through digital activism, they are the new flower children, proudly holding up cell phones over peace signs at socially organized rallies.


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