If you are meditating buying a second-hand printer or used printing machines, this article will perhaps clarify things for you. At least it will make you more alert when buying it from someone.

The prices of the printers can not be said to be cheap and the world of Wallapop, Vibbo, Milanuncios and many more applications for buying and selling second-hand items offers you the opportunity to get them more affordable. Many times it is about rebates to more than half the original price and appliances that “have never been used,” something quite succulent. At the same time, it must be taken into account that they are very delicate devices and that a previous misuse can cost dearly.

Types of second-hand printers

There are many types of printers. These are the most successful in the apps and websites of things used:

  • Second-hand ink printer. The classic one and the one with the cheapest prices. Ink cartridges are usually somewhat expensive.
  • Second hand 3D printer. To design pieces and shape them in three dimensions. They are expensive (more than a thousand euros), so used can be a great purchase for a user on foot.
  • Second hand textile printer. To stamp any phrase or drawing on clothing and customize it. They tend to have high prices and be used with professional reasons.
  • Second hand laser printer. Instead of cartridges, the toner contains ink formed by pigments converted to powder. Very used nowadays.
  • Second hand thermal printer. Use the heat to print on a special paper, called thermal. It does not consume more than the paper itself. For example, it is used in the tickets of many stores.
  • Plotter second hand. For large scale prints, for example posters, maps or plans of architects or surveyors.

Alert 1: Life of the second-hand printer

The typical ad that reads “Printer purchased for € 300” and has a price of € 150 may be cheating. And not because the seller cheats with that description. The shots are aimed more at perhaps when you bought that printer yes it cost 300 euros but over the years, with the departure of new models to market, now worth much less.

So the first thing you have to do, even before starting a chat conversation, is to find what is the current price of that new printer. There you can determine if the reduction is worth it.

Alert 2: State of the second-hand printer

A second-hand printer can be in perfect condition on the outside but be useless inside. That is why it is convenient to review it in person before paying for it. It is even highly recommended to try it.

Among the things that should pay attention is to see if there is a lot of dry ink inside, as it could be stuck and prevent proper operation. Precisely in the case of ink printers it is advisable to buy those that do not incorporate the print head. It will surely take a long time without printing and will be obstructed. If so, I could not print even if new cartridges were purchased.

You should also know what type of consumable you use and if they are included in both the equipment and the total price. In addition, it must be purchased with the power cords and the power supply.



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