Strong growth predicted for business VoIP


VoIP is an extremely versatile communication platform that harnesses the power of the internet to make all kinds of calling more flexible and cost efficient. Using VoIP can make a huge difference to the cost of international calls.

Benefits for business

The corporate sector has been quick to realise the advantages of using VoIP, particularly for global communications. With VoIP, businesses can easily increase security and assign numbers with direct access to important clients. With this many benefits, corporate take-up of VoIP is expected to retain the dominant position in the international VoIP market this year. Last year businesses users of VoIP generated almost $70bn (£52bn) in revenue. It is thought that revenue for 2018 will easily exceed this figure.

The vigorous growth in the VoIP market is great news for anyone involved in this sector. The outlook for other sectors in the UK economy is not as upbeat, according to a report in the Guardian.

The 5G effect

As the next era of technology, which encompasses the 5G network, evolves, the sophisticated and flexibility of VoIP is set to increase. With 5G, which is expected to be up and running by the year 2020, users can expect connection speeds up to 100 times faster than those currently offered on the 4G networks. Powered by this kind of infrastructure, VoIP is only going to get quicker, more efficient, and even better value for money. A business that embraces VoIP is making a sound investment in the future of its communications.

If you are wondering how to discover more about the benefits an international VoIP wholesale provider could bring to your business, you should speak to a provider such as A reputable international VoIP wholesale provider can give you advice and guidance on the array of options available, which could give your business greater communication flexibility and security along with reducing costs.

VoIP has been hailed as the future of voice calling. As telecoms companies such as BT look to phase out landlines completely, it is a matter of when – rather than if – VoIP will be the standard technology for making calls. For businesses that want to get in front of the curve, it makes sense to consider the benefits of VoIP today.


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