Tips For Keeping Your Employees Happy


For employers, your employees are the backbone of your operation.  Everyone knows that happy employees work harder and more diligently for your business, making it crucial that your operation prioritizes its people.  

If you’re looking for a few ways to make your employees know that they are valued, take a seat for a good read.  Here is a brief look at some helpful tips for keeping your employees happy and making your business a great place to work.  

You have to look at your own behaviors

A great leader makes for happier employees, so you have to look at yourself first.  Understand the kind of picture you portray to your employees.  If they see you as all-work-no-play, they may not feel as comfortable in the workplace.  

The energy you bring to the table is infectious, and it’s important that it’s a positive vibe.  You have to keep your attitude and approach in the green zone to win over the loyalty of your workers.  

Your body language, your tone, and your approach to every situation are being watched.  Make sure the image you project is one of a strong, knowledgeable, empathetic, and driven leader.  

Keep your employees in the loop

Don’t give your employees a reason to complain that they never know what’s happening with the company.  Keep them in the loop.  When employees feel like they are included in the process of shifting and growing the business, they feel more like they are a part of the business.  

Sharing news about what’s happening with the company will also make your employees feel like you trust them.  Just keep modesty in mind as you share, and don’t go overboard with the inside information.  You have to leave something to the imagination. 

Give your employees helpful tools

Showing your employees that you know they work hard is important.  Offering up tools to make their work processes easier or more efficient is a great way to show that the business cares.  

Little gestures like offering lumper services to relieve employees of the manual labor and give them a brief break show that you are really considering the everyday stressors they endure.  

Offering ergonomic upgrades to office equipment in an office setting shows that you care about your employees’ long term health and wellness.  Make sure to do something to show that you are acknowledging your crew’s hard work.  

Acknowledge that employees have a life 

The people who work for you also have a life outside of the business, and it’s wise to find ways to actively acknowledge those lives.  Something as simple as hosting a family bbq once a month so employees have a structured family event to enjoy shows that you are considering their home lives. 


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