Using Your Garden Lighting As Security Lighting Too


Garden lighting is mostly used to add dimensions and beauty to a property as well as to create a warm, romantic, cozy, intimate ambiance. It can be used to highlight a water feature, illuminate a walkway, showcase a sculpture, or even draw attention to a feature tree or flower bed. What most people don’t know, however, is these lights can also be an integral part of a home’s security system, a discovery that has brought about the new trend of garden lighting installation with strategic security placements.

The Use of Garden Lights For Security

Technically, the purpose of garden lights is threefold, according to Lightscaping expert Andrew Coleman. One, it is supposed to produce an aesthetic effect. Two, garden lights should help one to navigate a property’s landscape and perimeter by making hazards, obstructions, and elevating changes visible. Three, and our topic for the day, garden lighting should provide security. It does this in various ways.

For starters, it eliminates dark corners and spots which would-be intruders like to hide at. This reduces concealment opportunities, which will act to discourage burglars. Secondly,  garden lights indicate occupancy, and according to a report by The Washington Post, burglars most attack homes they think are unoccupied.  They also increase the chances of a burglar being caught, with some being advanced enough to take pictures upon detecting motion.

How To Maximize Garden Lighting For Security

Positioning is the most important thing to consider. The placement of garden lighting fixtures should be strategic. Good placement areas include entryways, the porch, pool, driveway, backyard, and around corners. Lights can also be mounted on trees, flower beds, stairways, plants, and walls. The idea is to place the garden lights in such a way that they provide a clear view of the property and its perimeter.

Also, under positioning, you should consider the height from the ground. Ideally, most security lights are placed higher off the surface. This way, they can cast light on a bigger circumference. Garden lights that are close to the ground win over a shorter radius. This is not to say you cannot achieve the same effect with them; you will just need more of them.

The clarity and intensity of light bulbs used also matters. Avoid really bright lights. Thankfully, most garden lights are not bright. Bright light has been linked with shadow casting, which provides hiding spots for trespassers. Additionally, over-illumination might just help the intruder see exactly what he needs. Soft light, on the other hand, provides even lighting, which creates very few shadow zones. White or clear bulbs are better than colored ones when it comes to using garden lights for security.

Lastly, if you can afford it, automate your garden lights. Advancement of technology has seen the production of garden lights with cameras hooked up to your social media. These motion-detecting cameras can connect to the internet, which enables you to speak or hear people. Upon detecting movement, the camera takes clear pictures of whatever is happening, and the LED lamps attached to it are activated, shining light on the intruder. Some even have alarms to scare off burglars.


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