UXR Series Infinium Oscilloscope: For Demanding Future Projects


This is the fully upgraded platform that enables growth from 2 to 4 channels and bandwidths from 13 GHz and goes up to 110 GHz—Keysight tech, where you can have all the measuring and testing tools and devices embracing the latest technology. Time to time keysight technologies provides lots of offers on the purchase.

For the limited time, you can have the 1 GPTS memory per channel at no charge with the purchase of any new UXR series Infinium oscilloscope. The offer is limited up to 30 June 2020. You can invest with confidence for your new oscilloscope, which is advanced and meet your needs for your demanding future projects.

Although many offers are also provided on keysight products like For a limited time, get more bandwidth for the same price. Complimentary Keysight Handheld DMM with a qualifying purchase, with these exciting, offers not only the work shifts towards the next level but also there comes new excitement in designing and testing various electrical appliances.

World’s most advanced oscilloscopes, here are some of the features of it:

  • Most accurate oscilloscope at any bandwidth. Here we get less noise and the highest ENOB. 10-bit vertical resolution enables you to see the most accurate representation of the signal.
  • In terms of measurement and analysis, it solves problems faster.
  • Having 13 GHz to 110 GHz of bandwidth, analysis application and measurement for the advanced technologies
  • A fully upgraded and multipurpose platform that is capable of time-domain which helps in protecting your investment

Offers on the keysight products work in the way of innovation. Two keysight new solutions that are N4391B optical modulation analyzer and M8194A 120 GS a/s arbitrary waveform generator when paired with the company’s new UXR series oscilloscope offers a full end-to-end solution from stimulus to analysis.

What can an oscilloscope measure?

With voltage and time, the oscilloscope displays the change of an electrical signal. It manifests as the y-axis and X-axis on the calibrated scale. The oscilloscope can’t measure current, but one way to measure the current by oscilloscope is to measure the voltage dropped across the shunt resistor.

Basics of O-Scopes: The o-scope is useful in a variety of troubleshooting and research situations, including:

  • Determining the frequency and amplitude of a signal
  • Identifying how much noise is in your circuit.
  • Identifying the shape of a wave
  • Quantifying phase differences between two different signals.

Today electronic and communication system is going on more and more complex, which requires next-generation tests and measurements. Keysight tech offers advanced and extensive expertise in test and measurements.

It not only delivers the next generation innovation but full-fill needs in the high-speed digital terabit and optical research. When you know all the handy tool’s features and benefits, then according to your needs and requirements, you can purchase your oscilloscope. Having the oscilloscope with the new technology means you are having the all in one tool on your workbench.


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