Virtual Assistant


Has it happened to you that you do not have time to carry out operative tasks of your office that are urgent in your day to day, or simply postpone them because you do not want to do them even though you know what should be done?

You need a Virtual Assistant! Currently, the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) offer an innovative way of working, which allows to transmit and disseminate information instantly. Currently the Virtual Assistants fulfill the same functions of the traditional secretary, but work or remotely, having as benefits the contractor does not have to pay a fixed monthly salary, benefits, vacations etc. as it would be done with a worker of dependency relationship. Virtual assistants are responsible for managing many tasks that for some reason you do not want to do or do not have time to do.

Here are some of the functions in which a Virtual Assistant can help you:

Management of Labor Agenda

If you do not have time to organize your appointments for your company or personal, a Virtual Assistant can do this work for you, taking your earrings in such a way that you do not have to worry about any forgetfulness. Since it is her, the one in charge of giving notice through reminders at the right time of the upcoming event.

Travel organization

Do not have time to manage the small details that take the organization of a business trip? A VA organizes your reservation, ticket, stay and all the programming of your itinerary, having you the tranquility of arriving at your event without inconveniences.


A Virtual Secretary can be responsible for reading and answering all those emails that arrive daily in your tray and that for lack of time does not give them priority or the necessary attention.

Organization and Confirmation of Events

Do you have a long enough list to call to confirm your business or personal event? Do you need help to arrange a room and audiovisual media? A VA helps you manage these small details so that your event is a success.

And what are the benefits?

No Need Office Space

The Virtual Assistant does his work from home or from his own office. You only have to assign the functions to perform.

Save on Supplies and Office Equipment

Does not invest in telephones, computers, furniture or cafeteria.

Save Money and Benefits

A Virtual Assistant provides his services by the hour, by projects, by activity peaks, by a replacement he needs or by some seasons, always adjusting to the Client’s need, therefore he only pays for the actual time worked and is saving money in the payment of a full-time fixed salary.

You have more time for yourself

You can delegate all those routine tasks that take time and productivity away from you and focus on empowering and growing your business.

Professional Image

Having an Assistant to help you with Customer Service and all the administrative tasks of your business will make you look more professional. This person will be answering your phone, mail, chat etc. So your clients will feel confident and very well taken care of, as always there will be a Virtual Support solving your concerns.

  1. You pay for a real work schedule.
  2. Save in time and money. Contract for hours, for specific tasks or projects.
  3. Save physical space, supplies and office equipment.
  4. Zero benefits.
  5. Delegate tasks that take time away, or simply do not like



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