How PowerPoint Templates are useful for a company?


Many of us have used PowerPoint at a point in our educational or career period. Now PowerPoint presentations have become an essential business requirement. PowerPoint not only helps us to make effective presentations but this program is helpful for all types of important business projects. From making cost-effective videos for small businesses to the brand style guides and slideshows presentations for trade shows, you have a variety of choices to create visually appealing content for customers and investors. Especially porter’s 5 forces template is the most powerful business strategy tool that is essentially required by a company to progress.

Benefits of PowerPoint Templates for Businesses:

Some of the main advantages of PowerPoint Templates for business are:

  • The data and information of a business or company can be represented concisely through these templates in a very efficient, captivating, and effective way.
  • There is a wide variety of layouts from where it is easy to choose from as per the requirements.
  • It is easy to good mange the speed and consistency of the slides without any in-between interruption.
  • PowerPoint Templates are available with a visual aid that makes the presentation more attractive and engaging for the audience.
  • This software provides the number of features that help to make more eye-catching and informative presentations by using graphs, charts, and pie charts in a more significant manner.
  • Animations, graphics, simple text, arrows, diagrams, and highlight the important points are the other highly admirable features of PowerPoint Templates to convey the information in a very convincing way.

Porter’s five forces template:

Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter described this tool initially. According to Porter, there are five forces used to measure the durability of current competition and the suitable market for an organization to move into.

Porter’s five forces:

These forces are:

  • Bargaining power of suppliers to easily drive the prices up of their product in the market.
  • Bargaining power of buyers to conveniently drive the prices down of a particular product.
  • Power of rivalry among the existing companies that depend on the number and capabilities of available competitors in the market.
  • The threat of a substitute that increases with the availability of alternative products available in the market and helps buyers to switch easily in the response to an increase in price.
  • The arrival of new competitors threat that increase in every profitable business.

 Importance of Porter’s five forces analysis:

Porter’s five forces template helps to estimate the level of competition within an industry or business. It aids the user to develop a powerful and strong business strategy with Porter’s five forces analysis. This template helps to analyze:

  • This template helps a company to understand the actual factors in a particular industry that affect the profitability margins.
  • It provides a way for businesses to understand the factors and forces that develop competitive strategies of an organization.
  • This template guides a company to decide to enter into a specific industry and how to increase capacity, demand, and product availability in that particular industry.

Porter’s five forces are designed for marketers, companies, businesses, and employees who deal with matters related to business development, strategy building, market competition, sales, and other related issues.


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